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RN #135 Pick Up Sticks

After a very long period of meditation and yoga, Justin and Bob hop back onto the mics to bless you with their audio gold! On this show, the boys talk about real estate, Bob's sadness(due to real estate), and football. Please enjoy the show and feel free to wait, SHARE IT BECAUSE WE SAID SO! Love ya


RN #134 John Oliver Feat. Cousin Billy and the Dinosaurs

Justin and Bob are joined this week by their old friend John Oliver and get a call from Justins dinosaur-loving cousin Billy. They have a lot to catch up on so there is a wide range of topics including: Bobs hair, the OKC Thunder, KD, Bobs hair, Justins vacation, Bobs hair, and a sprinkle of injustice......and Bobs hair. Billy from Bentonville also shares about his recent visit to a museum and how his relationship is going. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy.


RN #133 Tak-E-I

Hello folks and welcome back. On this show, Bob is joined by a special co host as Justin is busy putting his hot bod in some saltwater. Bobs wife, Anne, joins the show to discuss how awesome her husband is, how great he is at everything, and that he's simply amazing......not really. Anne gives her thoughts on the Thunders most recent trade, parenting, and they discuss SOA(Sons of Anarchy.) Thanks for listening and please feel free to tell a non-easily offended friend.


RN #132 AIDS and Transmissions

Hey there folks. This week, Justin and Bob talk about the never ending primaries, the transgender bathroom issue, and Bob shares a story from his childhood. The boys also talk about the Thunder/Warriors series in the NBA and was just that type of show. ENJOY!!!!


RN #131 Hangin’ with Homie

On this episode, Justin and Bob are joined by fellow Holdenville alum, friend, and pretty neat guy, Homie. They basically yell at kids on their grass, talk about music, and go deep with a story in the life of Homie. Bob also talks about an adventure he had last week which, as it turns out, everyone at the table has had the same adventure. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy. Much love...


RN #130 Terry, Ty & Atari

Hey friends(and Isaac)! Terry and Ty join us again to discuss the retirement announcement, video game consoles, the disappearance of our 3rd mic, and the live show. They do a really great job of making us feel guilty and give us some things to think about. We also have "Story Time w/ Justin' as we learn another childhood experience of his and a quick update from super-fan Isaac. Terry and Ty may have accomplished the impossible, listen and enjoy.


RN #129 Live and Loud

Greetings friends and welcome back. We have a special treat for everyone this time around! Our first live show is in the books and fun was had by all....some even feeling it the next morning. Oblivion Paradox joined us once again, as well, and rocked the house. The guys share some personal stories and a special email is read from a very BIG fan. Thanks to everyone for taking this ride with us, we really appreciate each of you so much and we hope that we've made you laugh a time or two.


RN #128 Take the Wheel

Hello friends! Bob, Justin, and Kyle sit down to talk about a variety of things, including: bridges, politics, and the upcoming live show on April 2, 2016 at 8pm. They also touch on some of Justins twitter hate from 2 shows ago and acme cars. As always, we thank you for listening and for realizing that its all in fun!


RN #127 Corey Fechter & Dane Robinson

On this show, Bob and Justin sit down with 2 old friends, Corey Fetcher and Dane Robinson. The conversation ranges from education to religion to politics as we have one of our more serious shows in awhile. We hope that you guys enjoy the back and forth between friends and as always, thanks for tuning in.


RN #126 Bob Ruff of the Truth & Justice Podcast

Hey everybody and welcome! On this show, Bob, Justin, and Kyle are joined by host of the Truth & Justice Podcast and all around swell guy, Mr. Bob Ruff.  The 4 of them talk at length about Bob's podcast, the Adnan Syed case, and Justin puts on his best investigative hat. You guys can find all things Bob Ruff on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, you can tune into Truth & Justice w/ Bob Ruff on your podcast app of choice. Thanks to Bob for joining us and enjoy.

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