Relevant Nonsense


RN #144 Old and Older

In which the boys discuss their varying illnesses, how old they are, and who's who in Winnie the Pooh.  Also, the gents try to bring a spring to John's step and the light back to his eyes and fail horribly.  Enjoy!


RN # 143 Late Night Peace Talks

In which the boys discuss the supremacy of pie over cake, Bob and Justin finally agree on whether cops should or should not indiscriminately kill people, and we find out that John is a fence sitter bed pisser.  Enjoy!


RN #142 Neked and Skeered

In which a future contestant on Neked and Skeered tells the boys about his family tree and the difference in formaldehyde and chloroform.  Also, John joins in on the fun as Kyle falls victim to the show's humor for the first time.  Enjoy!


RN #141 Sack and Purpose

In which the boys discover the many uses of the ol' taffy bag, reprimand Bob for going to a non-social distancing party, and discuss possible actions to be taken against the usurper podcast!  Enjoy!


RN#140 Fistful of Fleshlights

In which the boys endeavor to find Bigfoot at Bohemian Grove, John loves Tom Hanks even more, and Justin's cousin catches his eye.  Enjoy!


RN #138 John the Blueberry

The boys start out slow but then hit that old Relevant Nonsense stride and hilarity ensues.  There's not a lot of topics but John might die and we made a new friend!


RN #138 Show Bobs

The boys, minus Bob, try to carry on in his absence and realize that they aren't up to the task...come back Bob!  We talk OKC bombing, weird dreams, and try to conjure up some last second guests.  Enjoy and make sure to engage with us on Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter!


MySpace and Hair Dye

The boys are joined by The Shield, Terry, and Ty to discuss the comeback of MySpace, Ty's new hair, Terry's prison haircut and some other things of importance.  Technology didn't win the day this time and also, Bob promises to tell a story he already promised to tell.  Enjoy!


RN #136 Disembodied Head

The boys try out some new tech and discuss (make fun of) John's health.  Then they discuss some other stuff and make fun of John's health.  Enjoy and give us feedback on whether we like video or just audio.  Love.



Bob and Justin get together after a long hiatus and try to knock the rust off the old mics.  Not much here but it's a start!  More to come!

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